Want to have a truly unique experience?

Take a tailored hike - a truly exclusive, fully customizable option. Our pricing (VAT included) will be following (for groups up to 4 persons):

Guide's services in easier programs (Programs basically in any Finnish National Park during the time period between 1.5.-31.10.)

  • pricing based on hourly rate (programs lasting less than 10 hours): 45 € / h
  • pricing of an overnight trip: 450 €
  • pricing of a weekend trip: 850 €
  • Hike of one week: 2700 €

Guide's services in more demanding Programs (In Wilderness Areas with less services and Northern National Parks in Winter conditions)

  • Hike (or skiing or snowshoeing) of one week: 3700 €

+ travel expenses (0,44€/km from Pirkanmaa-region borders to the location)


  • gear rentals (basic set with essentially everything needed but clothes; i.e. backpack, cooking gear, sleeping gear, tents) at 45 € / day / person
  • packraft rentals 25 € / day / person

and Food:

  • basic nutritious food: 20 € / day / person
  • Gourmet menu: 55 € / day / person

and if you want, an additional cost for rental hut overnight depending on the particular hut's pricing (typically about 100 € / night for cabin that has room for 4 persons)

Want to have a truly exclusive tailored hike or would you like to add something in the hike? Fill in the form below and let us know what you have in mind, and we will soon contact you back helping to make those dreams come true. Alternatively, you can send a mail at joose@wildhikesfinland.com

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