Packrafting programs

Packraft is an inflatable boat/kayak designed to be light enough to be carried for greater distances. Yet they are sturdy boats that can take a lot of beating! Such a design gives unique possibilities to combine extended hikes and paddling, and they are especially well suited to be used in Finland – "a land of a thousand lakes" (the actual count being almost 200 000). Despite weighing only about 2 kilos, the rafts we use can easily maintain the speed of 3-4 km/h in calm waters and they shine in going down the wilderness rivers and are suitable to be used in rapids too. As paddling a packraft is a lot of fun, they can just as well be used in urban areas, where they offer a fast nature getaway for city people. Currently we are working hard to develop new programs, but you can already find some of our high quality programs available here. Clicking the image will open more info of the respective program.

For the time being, we are also offering two on-demand programs for smaller groups:

  • Packraft try-out in Lake pyhä (starting point near Tampere city center): 60€/person, about 4 hours. Includes a guide, all the necessary equipment, open-fire lunch in a nearby island and a packraft paddling tutorial. Group size 2-5 persons 
  • Two nights of Packrafting in Isojärvi national Park: 350€/person, lasting some 48 hours from afternoon to afternoon (including transports). Includes all the necessary equipment, a guide, tutorials, wilderness meals, first night in a tent and a second night in a cabin, sauna and transports from Tampere to Isojärvi and back. Group size 2-4 persons.


If you are interested in these or a tailored program, want to book without paying in advance or just have some additional questions, please do not hesitate to use the contact form below or email to

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