High-end team building programs, urban microadventures and much more

In this section you will find various programs and activities aimed mainly for groups, such as businesses and private birthday or bachelor parties etc. Pricing is informed for the whole group. Remember that you can just as well order our regular travels to be used for the same purpose. VAT (24%) is included in all the programs

Packraft try-outs, urban tours and overnighters

Packrafting try-out will always take place in easy flat waters and includes a packrafting tutorial and a guide, paddling and safety equipment, open fire lunch/coffee. Program lasts approximately 4 hours. For groups up to 5 persons. 350 €

Urban packrafting paddling tour around Lempäälä is a program well suited even for first-timers. We will follow a charming urban route around Lempäälä paddling along nicely flowing rivers, spectacular bird sanctuaries, carry the rafts over the sealed rapid and enjoy speed in the easy Kuokkalankoski rapid. In the opening hours of the Lempäälä channel, we will paddle through it. Program lasts approximately 5 hours. Includes packrafting tutorial and a guide, paddling and safety equipment and lunch/coffee. For groups up to 4 persons 550€.

The death of Elina packrafting tour in Säijä is a program where we concentrate on open-lake fishing, sightseeing, and camping in the charming Säijä-Vesilahti water area in lake Pyhä. Easygoing program for those who want to enjoy urban nature at its best. The water area has a lot to offer: nice paddling in the shelter provided by the nearby islands, it is famous fishing place, and the scenery is unmatched including a visit to a cave and seeing the famous cliff where maiden Elina took her life some 600 years ago. Program is suited for groups up to 5 persons, and it lasts 6 hours. Includes packrafting tutorial and a guide, paddling and safety equipment, packraft fishing equipment and open fire lunch/coffee. 600 €

The long packrafting home is an open water packrafting overnighter supported with a maintenance boat. You can choose a starting point between Lempäälä or some of the villages in the northern end of the lake Näsi. You do not necessarily have to paddle all the way back to Tampere city center, but if you wish, you definitely have the chance! As an option, you can also enjoy more calm paddling in the Lake Pyhä or Näsi archipelago, and the transportation back to Tampere is organized by other means. The evacuation is always easy because of the safety/maintenance boat, and obviously you can include all the team-building programs similar to the long walk home. Included in the price is a professional guide, packrafting tutorial, all the necessary gear (packrafting and camping), food and safety boat, transportation back to Tampere. Suitable for groups up to 5 persons. 1250 € / 24h

Isojärvi packrafting tour in Isojärvi national Park: a weekend program of packrafting, walking, fishing and enjoying tasty meals and silence. Includes all the necessary equipment, a guide, tutorials, wilderness meals, first night in a tent and a second night in a cabin, sauna and transports from Tampere to Isojärvi and back. Group size up to 4 persons. 1400 €

We can also organize packrafting programs for bigger groups, but as it requires outside gear rentals, this may take some time and cannot be guaranteed. If interested, please be sure to ask well before the planned trip!

urban adventure night

If you want a real challenge to your group, look no further! In this program your team will walk/run and paddle around the northern end of the Lake Pyhä, starting and ending in the Tampere city-center. During this 30km route, you will perform various tasks such as setting up a camp, cooking your own meal, packrafting, orienteering, carrying a "victim" etc. All this takes place during the night, from dusk till dawn. Program can be tailored to be less or more demanding, or to include some particular tasks of choice, and it can be organized as a competition between teams (in a good spirit). In the dawn there will be a chance for sauna for those, whose eyes can still stay open... Teams up to 8 persons.

950 € / team

Included in the price is

  • guide (one per team)
  • meals
  • required equipment
  • program

But no sleeping gear since this is a night of adventure, not sleeping!


sleeping in an open shelter

Challenge yourself and your friends by sleeping in an open shelter, feeling connectedness to the nature like no other. During the program, we will go through the variable open shelters and possible setups with them, talk about wilderness cooking and orienteering without the use of compass and enjoy observing the night sky and open fire. Dinner and breakfast are included, as well as all the gear needed. Program lasts from evening to following noon. Suitable for groups up to 12 people.

1000 €



In this program, a team consisting of 1-8 people are sent to nearby bus/train station (within 100 km) where their task is to find their way back home walking through the close-to-home landscapes. They will have a professional guide assisting them and providing them with the necessary gear, food supplies and a map and a compass. On the way, the group can be asked to perform various team-building tasks. Good example trip is from Orivesi train station to Tampere city center, but this trip is easily adaptable to other locations too.

950 € / day, additional days 600 € (additional persons 130 € / day), VAT included

included in the price is

  • professional guide
  • all the necessary gear (sleeping, cooking etc.)
  • food


snowman specials

In the unlikely circumstance that there is more than 20cm of snow in southern Finland and the lakes will freeze, you can also take a look at our winter programs in addition to the previous. For the genuine snowmen, we can also arrange it so that start travelling to north until we will encounter the snow...

Quinzee building and overnight 950 € for groups up to 12 persons, includes a guide, required gear (sleeping gear included), safety equipment and precautions and dinner and breakfast

Winter time hiking crash course One weekend in a suitable nature reserve using skis and/or snowshoes includes ice-fishing, sleeping in a tent, education about special requirements in winter travels (below tree-line), quinzee building and optional overnight and nice staying together by the camp-fire. Star and aurora gazing if the weather allows. All the gear needed can be supplied by the organizer, though it is recommended that you use some of your own to get familiar with it. Three meals per day are included. Up to 8 persons. 1400 €

Winter fishing and snowshoeing 5 hours of pure joy of winter-fishing and snowshoeing for groups up to 8 persons. Includes guide, all the gear, a warm meal, warm drinks but the catch is not guaranteed! For groups up to 8 persons 550 €


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