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The Finnish Packraft Gathering vol. 3.1.

  • Jongunjoki 1935 Lieksantie 88900 Suomi (map)

Part I: Jongunjoki 11.-13.5.2016 (Jonkeri and Jongunjoki until Aittokoski)

Part II: Jongunjoki 13.-15.5.2016 (Southern part of the route, starting from Aittokoski)


We would like to invite anyone interested to the third Finnish (and first spring-time) packraft gathering in Finland. You do not have to be Finnish and you do not even need to have your own raft, everyone is warmly welcome to see what it is all about!

Plan and schedule

Starting from the year 2016, we try to organise two packraft gatherings a year in order to enjoy the high water levels offered by the spring.  This is an open invitation to the first ever spring packraft gathering in Finland. Hence the label ”3.1” (as the event in fall shall be enumerated ”3.2”)

The gathering will take place on Jongunjoki paddling route at 11.-15.5.2016

There is an flexible entry option for those who cannot participate to the entire event, and one fixed late entry point at Aittokoski rapid on Friday evening for those who would like to participate only to the weekend happening.

Wednesday, May 11th, starting at about 14:00: Meeting point at northern car park. Hanging out and paddling around the lake Jonkeri and camping somewhere on the shores or islands. Good fishing possibilities for those who would like (remember the license!). Paddling distance some 10km

Thursday, May12th: we will leave the Jonkeri behind and start going down the river Jongunjoki and can spend time horsing around in the rapids. This is still a good time to join the group, be at the beginning of Jongunjoki by 14:00, and we will meet you there. Overnighting somewhere on the way (Kangasjärvi lean-to?). Paddling distance some 15km

Friday May 13th: paddling Jongunjoki towards south and camping close to Aittokoski lean-to. This serves also as an fixed joining point for those who will skip the first part of the trip. Besides a lean-to, there is a roadside parking area at Aittokoski. Paddling distance some 23 km.

Saturday, May 14th: Paddling Jongunjoki until Laklaniemi lean-to, some 25km. From there most will probably do short hike (5km) to Saarijärvi, where there are several maintained shelters and a parking area, but also lots of untouched shoreline.

Sunday, May 15th: No preset program, but those who would like to extend their trip, there is marked hiking trail leading back to the northern starting point, and also loads of flat water to explore.


Important notes

In the river there are several level I-II+ rapids, of which five require preliminary scouting. All five of them are between the lake Jonkeri and Aittokoski, i.e. before the friday meeting point.

Buoyancy aid or PFD’s and helmet should belong to any white water rafters equipment, and wet-suits, throwing ropes, and knives (for emergency self-rescues if entangled in a rope) are highly recommended.

Remember that this is an informal gathering for like-minded people, so in the end everybody is responsible of themselves.

Spread the word and be there!

Further information: OR using the form on the bottom of the page. To ensure that we are missing you if you do not show up to the meeting point, please inform of your participation in advance!

PS. If you would like to rent a packraft, it is possible from Backpacking North, PackraftStore, or Wild Hikes Finland. Some participants will also have extra rafts so you can ask about that for example in the event facebook page.

(WHF offers rental of full paddling set (Yukon or Denali Llama with cruiser spraydeck, paddle, and PFD) at the price of 75 € (VAT included) for the whole event. Camping gear can also be rented. All rentals include gear transportation to the location and back.)

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